Andrew Pearce

Director & Licensed Estate Agent


I am Andrew Pearce and I have been working within a real estate related industry since 1985.

I have extensive knowledge and experience in listing and selling real estate in Bendigo and the surrounding suburbs.

I have lived in Bendigo since 1998 and have worked with more than 2,000 vendors and purchasers to achieve their personal goals.

The reviews that I have received from both vendors and purchasers is a credit to the dedication and commitment that I have to my clients when they are looking at selling or purchasing within the Bendigo region.

I have been awarded many awards over the years as I always give 100% commitment to my client’s needs.

I can assure you that I give the experience and expertise required to obtain a satisfactory result for both vendors and purchasers.

I love being able to help people fulfill their financial dreams by buying, selling, and investing in the property market in Bendigo.

The decision in choosing an agent to work with on a day-to-day basis is a big decision. Not only are you handing over the keys to your most prized and valuable possession, being your home, you need to trust the advice that you are given.

The value of your home today will be different to 3 months ago and will also be different 3 months into the future. Therefore, it is important to get regular updates of your property if you are considering selling in Bendigo.

Choosing me as your agent will ensure that you are getting a courteous, well mannered, mature and if needed, a “direct” approach to selling your home.

Have I sold properties before ?

The answer is yes. I list and sell close to 100 properties in Bendigo and the wider community. Did any other real estate agent in Bendigo achieve more than this ?

Do I have buyers for your property ?

I personally have more than 1,080 buyers on my database looking to purchase a home in Bendigo.

If you are looking at buying or selling in Bendigo, please feel free to contact me.