Andrew Pearce

Director & Licensed Estate Agent

For over 37 years, Andrew has been working within a real estate related industry. 18 years in real estate and 19 in finance and the banking sector. Today Andrew is a Director of the company, whilst also a Senior selling agent.

Andrew has extensive knowledge and experience in listing and selling real estate in Bendigo and the surrounding suburbs.

After moving to Bendigo in 1998 and commencing his real estate career in 2004, he has worked with over 2,000 vendors and purchasers to achieve their personal goals.

Andrews reviews received from both vendors and purchasers is a credit to the dedication and commitment to our clients when they are looking at selling or purchasing within the Bendigo region. Text “reviews’ to 0488 810 392 to read Andrew’s reviews.

Within both the First National Real Estate Group and by external Third Parties, he has been recognised with many awards over the years which is a testament to Andrew’s commitment.

Andrew takes pride in being able to help people fulfill their financial dreams by buying, selling, and investing in the property market in Bendigo.

Choosing Andrew as your agent will ensure that you are getting a courteous, well mannered, mature and if needed, a “direct” approach to selling your home.

Contact Andrew today on 0419 544 251