Leanna Harrington

Property Managers Assistant

Born and Raised in Bendigo!

I've always had a passion for Real Estate since starting High School. I wasn't interested in Nursing, Teaching or Business like all my friends. I completed year 12 in 2018 and got my Agents Representative certificate in 2019. It was definitely worth the 2 year wait as I am now mature enough to pursue my career in the Real Estate Industry. At first it was hard, going for interviews and telling agencies I had no experience, but I am glad I didn't give up.

When I'm not working, you'll see me cutting laps at the lake every evening, rarely in the gym but always eating out for brunch, lunch or dinner even when I know I shouldn't be. Other than that, I'll probably spending my money on things I don't need.

I'm so grateful to be working for Tweed Sutherland First National and so thankful to have this opportunity! I can't wait to spend many years to come surrounded by such a wonderful team!